Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D

Download Scary Teacher 3D to show your skills while escaping the terrifying teacher in the creepy 3D world. Enter this world to show your wittiness.

App Details
Name Scary Teacher 3D
Package com.zakg.scaryteacher.hellgame
Updated 2020-08-05
Publisher Z & K Games
Category Game
Version 5.5.1
Sizes 40M
Requires 4.2
Price Varies with device

Crucial Overview of the Game

Scary Teacher 3D is an amazing simulation game that was published by Z & K Games and released in 2019. This is an adventure game that is similar to the Hello Neighbor game. It was released for Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.

The story features a scary teacher and a genius girl, with the teacher being the worst teacher in her school. In the game, the scary teacher is always terrifying school kids, torturing them, and also giving them physical punishment.

The game begins when the teacher moves into your neighborhood where you’d be tasked to make a decision. You’ll be required to choose how you want to teach the teacher a lesson. This can be achieved by scaring the teacher.

You’ll have to plan the best revenge that will scare this creepy teacher away. This can be by releasing the pets under her custody, or by carrying out different activities. The main objective of the game is to complete every task or mission without getting caught. It is important to note that every mission in the game has an allocated time.

The Scary Teacher is also known as Miss T, and the house has 15 rooms. Each of this room has mysteries you will be required to solve. You’ll also recover threatened pets, victim kid’s photos chocolates, and chocolate cakes. Just like Hello Neighbor, this game also has a Basement that is filled with surprising things.

This game has amazing features, and it boasts of easy controls. It has a horror theme, but this theme is ideal for all kids, irrespective of the age group. As earlier mentioned, it features 15 rooms, all of have unsolved mysteries. What’s amazing about this game is its interactive open world styled house.


Gameplay and Other Features

The main aim of the teacher in this game is to wreak havoc, and you’d need to help a student to escape. You are tasked with the responsibility of frustrating the teacher and making life miserable for her. What’s amazing about this adventure game is the fact that its gameplay is simple but super engaging.

The game has super easy controls, although this may vary depending on the device you use. You can move through the map and also explore every room. Complete all the level, and do not get caught by the teacher.

It is important to note that you’re to pick items as you go through every room in the teacher’s house. You can also use these items for different things as you proceed with the game. There are so many entertaining features in this game which adds fun to the gameplay.

Interaction with the items in the game is simple. All you have to do is to move the bring the item to your vision, and use the right command. Doing this will allow you to use the items to prank the teacher. It is important to note that there is a mirror at the top. This mirror can be used to keep an eye on the teacher.

Scary Teacher 3D has a general wacky story premise. This is one of the major things that make the game special and with unique gameplay. The gameplay elements of this game are also unique, and you will not find it in any other mobile game.

Most of the game will be in the scary teacher’s house. However, the environment is an open world, and players can freely move about to explore the environment. The type of freedom that is given to players in this game cannot be gotten on other similar games.

Another amazing thing is that the game offers so many missions for players to complete. This gives a complete feel, and the goal is to beat previously set high scores. The controls of the game are easy to learn, which makes it ideal for children of any age group.

What Parents Must Know

Before allowing your kids to play this game, there are certain things you should know as parents. This includes the fact that the game is an adventure game designed for Android and iOS devices. Another thing is that there are certain elements in the game that parents should let their kids know aren’t ok.
For example, parents should let their kids know that it’s just a game. Therefore, it’s to be played mainly for fun and gaming experience. This implies that kids must know that physical violence or being mean to teacher is not normal.


Getting Started with the Game

The game can be easily accessed through any of the sites listed below, depending on the device you use. The game is only currently available on Android and iOS devices. Therefore, for those using Android devices, it is available on Google Play Store. For those using iOS, it is available on the App Store.

One of the amazing things about the game is that after installing it, you can easily start playing the game. This is because of the super easy controls, which is for enhanced gameplay. It is important to note that the gaming interface is also easy to navigate.

Where to Get the Game

This game utilizes scary horror elements which are completely kid-friendly, rest assured that your kids won’t freak out. It also makes use of simple controls which are easy to learn and understand. The premise of the game is something to behold.

Visit the following sites to download the game.

- Android:

- Apple Gadgets:


Download Scary Teacher 3D now to enjoy a unique type of horror adventure. Complete mission in a stealth manner and avoid being caught by the mysterious teacher.