Minecraft Download for Mobile

Minecraft Download for Mobile

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while now, you must be aware of its various modes and tips and tricks. But as the game is gaining popularity day by day, many new players are not fully aware of this decade-old game.

Be it the various game modes or building different 3D blocks, Minecraft is a vast game, and no one can master it completely. However, it will be easier to learn and play as you move ahead in this world of blocks.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to start playing Minecraft, this article might help you out. Here are all the modes and the fantastic features that you can explore while moving forward in this game.

App Details
Name Minecraft Download for Mobile
Package com.mojang.minecraftpe
Publisher Mojang
Category Best Game mobile
Sizes Varies with device
Requires Android, IOS, PC
Price Varies with device

Minecraft Gameplay

With no single goal, Minecraft is survival against enemies, danger, and hunger. All you need to do is collect materials and tools to move forward in this game. The game will immerse you into it for hours, and you will definitely be in it for a long time.

Seems easy? Well, think again. There will be ruthless enemies you have to fight. Also, the resources are limited, so think twice before wasting them.

What’s more? The 3D environment and productive interaction will improve your senses and cognitive skills.

Modes in Minecraft

The various modes of this game are:

Creative Mode

Just as the name suggests, the creative mode is based on creativity, and you just have to let your imagination run wild. In this mode, players get unlimited blocks and can destroy blocks at once when mining. Also, you can also fly in this mode.

The creative mode doesn’t give the players a hunger bar, health bar, and an experience bar. But the players can earn experience from mining certain items and killing mobs. Another great thing is that mobs will not attack you or fight back; only you can kill them. As a result, you won’t die in the creative mode.

Further, you can switch to this mode whenever you like.


Survival Mode

In survival mode, you have to gather materials to craft and build items and tools and, in turn, gain experience points. You will get a hunger bar, health bar, armor bar, and an inventory. The mode will also equip with an oxygen bar when underwater. But, unlike creative mode, you cannot fly in this mode.

Further, you can kill mobs, but keep in mind that they will you back in this mode. Dying in this mode will send you back to your initial spawn point or your bed if you have one. Also, upon death, you will lose all the material and resources.

If you find this mode difficult, you can change the game’s difficulty in the options menu.

Hardcore Mode

The difficulty of this mode will always be set to hard. It means your enemies will do a lot of damage, and your stamina will drain faster. Also, you will have only one life.

However, this mode is only available in the Java edition of Minecraft. For this mode, you will have to select it while you first create Minecraft, and you will not be able to switch to this mode after you have created your world in another mode.

Adventure Mode

If you just want to explore maps for mini-maps, this mode will suit you. This mode has a limited feature, and you cannot fly in this mode either. Hands cannot destroy the blocks. If you want to destroy a block, you will need to use an item with the CanDestroy tag. The blocks can only be placed if it has the CanPlaceOn tag.

For this mode, you need to choose survival or creative mode for creating your world. After this, you can switch to the adventure mode.

Spectator Mode

This mode is also available in the Java edition of Minecraft. Introduced in 1.8 version of Minecraft, players are allowed to fly and observe your Minecraft world from above. You cannot interact with anything in this game and can fly through solid objects.

Further, you will not be equipped with a hunger bar, health bar, or even an experience bar. Also, you cannot die in the game or kill the mobs. Just like adventure mode, you need to start your world in the creative or survival mode and then switch to the spectator mode.

Minecraft Price

• PC - $27
• Wii U - $30
• Mobile - $7
Skin And Texture Cost

Skin and textures are available free of cost for the desktops.

However, you will need to pay around $2 for skins and $6 for textures on the Xbox, Wii U, and PlayStation console.


Now you know all about the different modes of Minecraft. With so many features, this game will give you the ultimate gaming experience.
So, download the game to create a whole new world of yours.