GTA V Game Grand Theft Auto V : not play, not the gamer

GTA V Game Grand Theft Auto V : not play, not the gamer

The longtime fan of the series game will feel extremely happy once again, Grand Theft Auto takes place in the city of Los Santos, the “city of the gods”. Nor random series of major gaming website in the world dedicated to GTA V scores extremely high.

In addition, one of Rockstar’s last titles was for the seventh generation console. It was listed as one of the best games of its time. How exciting GTA V? Read through today’s detailed review.

Past and present

Nearly 10 years before the events of GTA V, three close friends, and three thieves, risked stealing a bank near the US-Canadian border. But on the way out, two of the three robbers were taken down, while the other slipped out. The lucky one is called Trevor.

Meanwhile, Michael, one of the bandits who died 10 years ago, still survives.

He was placed under police witness protection with other body parts. One day, while enjoying a peaceful life, Michael discovers his wife … sleeps with the tennis coach, and decides to pursue and blow up the coach’s house.

Life is not like a dream. It turns out the collapsed house is the home of a mafia boss in the city. Despite the past is not good and not afraid of anyone, but for the safety of himself and his family, Michael accepts compensation of $ 2.5 million to repair the house.

The young man, the madman and the retired thief

For the first time in the history of the series, GTA V has three main characters, and all three can be controlled. Although the player will start with Franklin, an African-American young man for the “steal” job has not paid enough cars for the store.

All three characters have personal stories in order to the explorer games.

Players will get a panoramic view of Los Santos, the city of sumptuous money, the criminals and the corrupt officers.

Franklin represented young people growing up from the street, had great ambitions for money, and demonstrated himself through battles over territory. Trevor became complacent with the location of the survivor, trying to expand arms smuggling market across the border and produce “prohibited items” outside the city of Los Santos.

New things in Gameplay

With all previous versions, all you have to do is get to the task location, then do whatever the game asks for. Robberies in GTA V are different. If you have ever seen movies like The Italian Job, you probably have some idea about this type of theft.


The first reconnaissance step was chosen to select the appropriate attack method. Then, the information collected will give the player two options to proceed the robbery. The harder it is to bring more money to the player. Next, you will have to choose the “one” to help in the task. The better the team, the easier the task, but the money you have to share with them obviously must also be more.

Random missions in the city appear more frequently. There are burglaries and reconciliations for a couple arguing. Meanwhile, the number of sub-tasks titled “Strangers and Freaks” seems less, with only a few characters on the map for each main character.

Beautiful graphic design

Graphics of the GTA V has made great strides, although the hardware of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 has a neck. But the Los Santos world is still extremely slick and absorbing. Playing the game on the Xbox 360 server installs the first disk to the hard drive then uses the second disk to play. It causes quite a lot of trouble.