Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Characters are the soul of any game. These days most of the games are about the roles. The gamer has to play as a character. These characters take you closer to the game and allow you to feel the game even more.

In GTA Vice City, you will witness many roles in different missions. With the increasing popularity of the game, the characters inside the game also gained fame.

App Details
Name Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Package com.rockstargames.gtavc
Publisher Rockstar Games
Category Best Game mobile
Version 1.09
Sizes Varies with device
Requires Android, IOS, PC
Price Varies with device

Things to Know About GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is one of those famous games that changed the scenario of gaming when they came. There are many players worldwide of this game. People of different age groups play this game.

Do you know about the characters of the game?

Characters of GTA Vice City

Tommy Vercetti

The famed character Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist of GTA Vice City. One can trace back the story of Tom Vercetti back from his childhood. The only child of the family, Tommy, was born as Italian-American. His father owned a printing shop. Back in 1971, in Liberty City, Tommy Vercetti was sent to kill mobster in Harwood District by Sonny. He was trying to destroy the Forelli's first Rackets. On reaching the site, eleven men surrounded Tommy, and he had no option, except killing all of them. After this, he ended up in prison with multiple charges of murder. After this incident, he got the title of 'The Harwood Butcher.'


After release from prison in 1986, he went back to Forelli Family in Vice City to participate in drug dealing. Sonny tells him to spread the business in the south and to reside there to expand the market there. Later Tommy started to disobey Sonny's orders and enjoyed the empire. During a heated situation between him and Forelli Family, he killed Forelli's henchmen sent to snatch his business money. At the end of the game, he became a mighty person in Vice City's criminal world. Tommy built a robust criminal empire and established drug business in the Vice City.

Sonny Forelli

The head of Forelli Mafia in 1986, Sonny Forelli, is a Don of the Forelli Crime Family. The peak of their power and their fear is high in Liberty City. It is one of the wealthiest and the powerful families within the city. Sonny Forelli gained strength at a very young age and executed many significant mob killings around the time when Tommy Vercetti was in prison. It was a period of great success for Forelli's family.

From gambling and drugs dealing with racketeering and corruption, Sonny had essential influences at the time of GTA Vice City. Sonny also granted Tommy a significant position in his organization and even sent him to execute many missions. Tommy killed many rivals for him and ended up becoming the Harwood Butcher.

Ken Rosenberg

Serving as comic relief, Ken Rosenberg is also one of the notable characters of the GTA Vice City game. He is a lawyer and connected to Tommy Vercetti and Forellis Family too. The first meeting between Ken and Tommy happened at Escobar International Airport and remains loyal throughout the game.

He is behind many mischievous activities such as suspected for cheating on his law school exams, and for attending numerous occasions to intimidate and corrupt juries. Further, Ken is not that successful at trial and also known as 'bonkers ambulance chaser.'

Gameplay and Features You Cannot Miss

There are a lot of interesting facts and features about the gameplay of GTA Vice City. When you are playing this game, you will find different real life scenarios in the game.

There are exciting cars and other vehicles that you can drive here while gaming. The graphic quality that is present in the game makes the player fall in love with the game.

The sound quality is amazing and unique. Moreover, you can also create a custom playlist while you are playing this game.

Tips and Tricks to Keep In Mind

If you are playing GTA Vice City, some of the tricks can make you win the game easily.

• Complete additional missions other than that of the game to earn more coins.

• Safe house is the best place to escape the law department

Price of the Game

If you want to encounter these amazingly popular roles you can get GTA Vice City – Sony PlayStation 2 – PS2 - *Disc Only* for $3.99.


These were few of the famous characters of GTA Vice City, and the list does not end here, there are many such characters mostly see in the game. The player will also witness Colonel Juan García Cortez, Kent Paul, Avery Carrington, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Love Fist, Steve Scott, "Big" Mitch Baker, Earnest Kelly, and Phil Cassidy.

Therefore, why are you waiting? Come out and play the game now!