Game Fortnite Mobile & Tips to grab a Victory

Game Fortnite Mobile & Tips to grab a Victory

Game Fornite’s Tips

Originally issued as a free (Free-to-play),  just a few weeks, Fortnite Battle Royale has quickly attracted millions of players. However, if you are a new gamer as “chicken” this tip will help you to improve skill.

Always choose the landing sistuation

Similarly, the player must PUBG parachuted mortal arena is an island of size about 5, 5km2. Naturally, the parachuted somewhere extremely important, when it decides whether you will survive as to how in the early stages of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Basically, the choice of “crash” in the areas many houses as communes, prisons, factories etc will help you loot are more equipped, pretty tasty items, thereby bringing greater advantage when playing.

However, “your little flies”, these areas have large player density. This means, if you slow the leg more than the other gamers when looking for your first weapon, capable of great is you will be dead soon.

Conversely, if the chosen landing Beach in places such as the Middle regions of the island, the chance of your life will be much larger. Although in those areas of this type will be hard delicious to you loot, but remember one thing, this is a survival game with the goal to live as long as possible. Therefore, please keep to the other players kill each other boring cooking away, when we were new to the  loot “good stuff”.

Don’t play as young buffaloes rampage with no brain!

Compared to the island in the 64km2 area, which PUBG, map of Fortnite Battle Royale again significantly less, only about 5, 5km2. The game supports up to 100 players, frequency of players “accidentally” met each other while loot map or navigate on the map is relatively high.

As mentioned above, the winning odds in Battle Royale Fortnite based not on how many kills you, which is how long you live. Therefore, absolutely avoid these cases in each bag shotgun, but still confident break out between blank fields do not insist with the enemy was armed with rifles inherent range quite far!

Remember, except in the case of forced fire, always perform the principle “no hiding shame”, especially if your equipment doesn’t really delicious. In addition, should take full advantage to Bush, trees made the place … we’re getting when you plan to ambush other players.

Loot stuff as selective

For a survival game, never more lack, and Battle Royale Fortnite is no exception. That simply, who was armed with a gun, full fixtures will have the opportunity to live longer than those who play map rugged. However, because each person’s laptop backpacks only a maximum of 5 boxes containing map, each player should be armed, a selective way items & balance.

For example, you should equip 1 short range weapons (Shotgun, submachine gun), 1 medium range weapons (rifles), range (sniper rifle) is quite sufficient in all cases. With the box that contains the map, you should use to prepare products to help health, armor, the same grenades or grenade launcher is also fine. Do not ever keep in laptop backpacks to 4 kind of different shotgun, by as thé only dead fast!

You should also note that, even if a wrong map was full, always favor existing weapons to change the category have higher levels, which have better indicator (rate of fire, accuracy, great magazine). Weapon level divided into the following colors (in order from the most to the most delicious rugged): gray green > Blue > Purple > Orange > sea water.

Use construction features

With the unique construction features inherited from the original game, the player can build a variety of works in the game with the kind of raw materials such as wood, stone, iron, which can collect after destroying everything in the game. This feature is of course not for fun, when it has an important role in the Battle Royale Fortnite players of many gamers.

Single elections, when being prepared under pressure of an unknown sniper positions, you can build the 4 walls around him for protection. Or when a weapon was quite tasty on the hut, you can build stairs to climb up the loot. So, don’t forget to gather ingredients and always make use of this feature in all cases.

Always hearing around

When to move on the map, in addition to always stretch the Quad for eyes were hidden or access or not, adopting sound focus around its also quite useful. For example, when moving, if you hear footsteps, try stop about 2-3s. If you still hear, this means there are enemies near you.

Always work as a team

Currently, Fortnite Battle Royale support pretty much the type of play as Solo, Duo (co-op the same other players), Squad (co-op with three other players). With any type of co-op play, having the support of teammates bring huge advantages for survival.

Menu, if you shot down by other players, you can revert the blood by his teammates-something not possible if playing solo. Besides, if there are team work, loot, collect raw materials would be made significantly faster than playing solo, which is quite useful when the time before bo shrinking ring is relatively scanty. That’s not to mention the when to fight, the players in the team can fire support for each other.