Fortnite – Epic Game

Fortnite – Epic Game

Are you aware of the fact as to how many players around the world are playing Fortnite when you are reading this article? Moreover, numerous tournaments are continuously going around the globe, making Fortnite a global phenomenon.

Are you still thinking what Fortnite is? Why is there so much hype around the game? Here in this article, you are going to know about some of the most surprising facts about Fortnite.

However, if you are a regular player of Fortnite, you will be in surprise to know these amazing facts about the game.

App Details
Name Fortnite – Epic Game
Package com.epicgames.fortnite
Publisher Epic Games
Category Best Game mobile
Version 10.31.0
Sizes Varies with device
Requires Android, IOS, PC
Price Varies with device

What do you know about Fortnite?

When you take the name of Fortnite, almost everyone around you will sharpen their ears about the game. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, the trend that came along with this game changed the scenario of gaming.

Epic Games had a breakthrough by the introduction of the game. Currently, there are a lot of players from all around the world who are playing this game. So, you can easily make out what the competition is around you while you are playing this game.

Features and Gameplay of Fortnite

There are ample numbers of features that are present in this game, making it the top choice of players from around the globe. Firstly, you can have the liberty of creating things on your own. Therefore, just apart from playing the game and fighting around, you are going to have to show your creative skills.

Do you ever ponder why the number of people playing Fortnite is so high? There are a lot of facts that support this statement. The first and the primary reason for this statement being authentic is the fantastic gameplay that is present in the game.

The significant advantage of playing the game is the liberty that you are going to have in the game. Moreover, the fantastic graphics of the game attracts a lot of players from all over the globe.

According to the reports, people find those games more interesting than others, those having a sense of competitiveness in the game.

Fortnite successfully meets this requirement. It provides a cross-platform and multiplayer experience that is mind-blowing.

Hence, you can play this game along with your friends. Therefore, compete against them and find out who is having better gaming skills to win the game. In this manner, you are not just playing the game but also developing good social relations.

Top Interesting Facts about Fortnite

High YouTube Streaming Earnings

Numerous YouTube streamers are earning a lot of subscribers almost every day with their gaming streams. According to some estimates, people are making about $500,000 per month from streaming this game on their channel.

You are in surprise! Aren’t you? Yes. Fortnite is one of those games that have the most number of viewers and players from around the world.

Banning the Cheaters

There was a time when most of us were enjoying our favorite video games using the cheat codes. It was giving us immense power and strength in the game. Wasn’t it?

To tackle this, Fortnite came up with a unique idea. It went on to ban players who were using unethical means of gaming while they were playing. Yes. It is true. Moreover, there were also some of the cases when Fortnite was suing some of the players in court.

Numerous Gaming Competitions


You cannot miss out on the competitions that are happening all around the globe at regular intervals. Hence, you have the chance to represent and showcase your gaming skills on a bigger platform. Moreover, you can also make teams along with your mates and play in a group.

These battles and games can make you win the hefty sum of money. Therefore, next time you are playing the game, you must note that you play the best.

Tips and Tricks to Win

Here are some of the tips that you must keep under consideration while you are playing Fortnite. These tips and tricks can enhance your gaming experience. Moreover, they can provide you a chance to win in the game.

• You must avoid making any unnecessary sound while playing the game.
• If you want to have a better gaming experience, you must choose to use headphones.
• Staying alert all the time can result in more substantial victories.
• Drinking as many shield potions as possible can be beneficial to you.
• You must engage the enemy only when you can think of winning.
• Being covert is the key to victory.

Price of the Game

Hence, if you are someone who has not been a part of this gaming league yet, the game is waiting for you. You can get the game to play for just $9.99. Moreover, there are a lot of in-game benefits that you can avail of in the later stages.


Therefore, if you feel that this game has a certain vibe for you, you are not wrong. So, why are you waiting? Go and play Fortnite now!