Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 Really Makes Gamer Addicted

Though having been published in 2007, which rather a long time, through many updates and versions, the Bloons TD 6 was finally represented and be more interesting than ever before. This post will give the information to new players and the one who accidentally click to the page.

Game Producer

Bloons TD 6 (short form of Bloons Tower Defense 6) was developed and published by Ninja Kiwi and be a part of Bloons series. The game just arrived this year in 2018 and this version is for mobile device playing, which are iOS and Android. Capacity it takes is at least 109.8 MB and only runs by Android 5.0+, iOS 11.0+. Up to this point, Bloons TD 6 is the latest release of Bloons series and also the only one has catchy 3D designed graphic. It costs 4.99 USD for downloading.

The latest version also means the most upgraded version of all. Bloons TD 6 has a more detail design, more items, objects and has updated game plot, which made it more interesting to players. Furthermore, it has new vibrant monkey animations and upgraded skins with many more amazing visual effects. Game has the main story about a groot of Bloons is planning for the invade to the city, your mission is to build tower defend, heroes, traps, canons and every possible item to stop their way.

How It Works

Unlike racing games or fighting games, your fingers are exhausted when continuously tapping the screen to move the figures. In this game, it doesn’t happen like that. At the start of the game, interface will show the map, on it are houses, trees and a clear path. Path is for Bloons running, land surrounding that path is for your building. You will be provided limited coins to buy monkeys, guns, towers, heroes that aren’t locked, then you buy monkeys which you have enough coins for and put them a particular place. After that, the Bloons will show up, your monkeys will automatically throw darts to make them pop. Each Bloons pop, you gain coins to buy others items. It keeps happening that way till you win.

Further Info

A level has many rounds, which stands for the Bloons invading waves. After each wave, they are getting stronger, some are really hard to pop, but in exchange, the higher level they are the more coins they provide. Every wave passes that you succeed to stop them, you also get stronger, the game will unlock stronger monkeys and cannons to face with harder enemies, or instead of buying new defending objects, you can upgrade feature you had by collect enough coins and experience gained. To upgrade features, just tap on it and there is a board show up. Things go crazy when it reaches to round 9, 10 of a level (which show on the upper right corner of the screen). Finish one level to open new map (there are 20 maps). (Everything you buy in a level stays in the level, the next level is the new one, which has no relative to the last)

Some strategies:

–         Buy as many monkeys as possible in the 3 first rounds

–         Upgrade the monkeys and buy more powerful monkeys, weapons

–         Upgrade ninja and alchemists, they can take down almost everything

What happens if there is no wifi? You just play it as normal, in this way, from anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy the game. For new players and the one who tend to join, hope the post may help.