Among Us

Among Us

Download the latest version of Among Us and enjoy a game where you play with crewmates aboard a spaceship! Find the impostor before he eliminates all of you. Can you find out who it is?

There are tons of space ship games out there that focus on epic space wars or FPS shooters. But among that sea of games lie Among Us. Recently, this game has been gaining waves as it reached over a hundred million downloads in Google Play Store alone!

App Details
Name Among Us
Package com.innersloth.spacemafia
Updated 2020-09-14
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Category Game
Version 2020.9.9
Sizes 70M
Requires 4.4
Price Varies with device

But this isn’t your typical space game. Here, you will be playing among 4-10 other players called crewmates aboard a spaceship. But as you prepare to depart, you notice that one among you is an impostor trying to eliminate everyone! The players need to work together while performing various duties to find the impostor. There will be a lot of conspiracies, action and blood!

What is Among Us?

There are plenty of games around spaceship themes. However, Among Us is different as it provides a unique and enjoyable gameplay. Released in 2018, the mobile game recently just gained massive popularity as more people got to play the game since lockdown.

Now, it’s played by millions around the world daily. This unconventional game has sent waves in trying to reconnect gamers wherever they are in the world. This is because this game is a team one meaning it can’t be played alone. But you can play it using Wi-Fi or with LAN to play with your friends and family. Overall, this is a fun game that deserves the number of players it gets every single day. If you’re looking for something fun to play with your friends or family, this is the one!

Features of Among Us

When it comes to spaceship games, Among Us remains one of the best out there. To prove this, here are its features:

Unique Gameplay – When you think of space-themed games, you’ll probably imagine FPS ones because that’s the most popular type today. But Innersloth had a different idea when they came up with Among Us. Here, you’ll play as crewmates in a spaceship that’s about to be deployed. But as you prepare for takeoff, there seems to be an impostor hiding and killing off your crewmates! It’s up to all of you to determine who it is before he eliminates everyone and wins the game! If you’re the impostor, it’s your job to sabotage the operations of the spaceship and eliminate all the crew aboard. Overall, this is an interesting game of mouse and cat!

Customization – What adds to the games quirkiness is the ability to choose different colors as characters. Here, there are a bunch of colors such as orange, white, yellow, pink, green and so on. Once you pick a color, each character is assigned that particular color for easier play. Aside from that, you can pick pets and hats to customize your character further. This is a great way to show off your personality when playing against friends or family members. There are plenty of things to choose from so pick wisely!


Chat Features – One of the most amazing aspects of this game is the ability to chat as crewmates. If one crew member discovers a body or calls for a meeting, everyone is assembled together. Then, it’s up to you to form a discussion as to who is the possible suspect. Even the impostor is mixed in with the conversations. Then as the discussion is complete, there will be a vote to determine who the impostor is. If the crew members voted the wrong one, the game goes on. Otherwise, the impostor is eliminated and victory is given to rest of the crew.

Graphics and Controls – Another feature that makes this game so fresh are the quirky graphics. Here, the character designs are so fun and colorful that it’s impossible not to be attracted by it. It’s designed sort of like a cartoon where everything is bright and vivid. It also depicts killing less seriously to allow kids to play the game. Aside from that, the game sound is so satisfying to hear while playing the game. Combine all that with the easy controls that allows you to easily go through different parts of the ship.

Play via Wi-Fi or LAN – Since this is a group game, you can play it by connecting to your Wi-Fi to play against other people in your server. But you can also play it via LAN where you can play with your friends and family and enjoy a fun time together. This is the perfect family game where the suspense is built all throughout!

Free Play Mode – If you don’t want to play against real people, you can try the Free Play Mode to play against bots and practice! Here, there are fewer stakes as you’re playing with bots. This means that you can practically eliminate everyone easily!


Tips to Survive in Among Us

For beginners, Among Us may seem like a confusing game to play. However, it doesn’t have to be that way when you know these tips:

Be attentive always – If you’re not an impostor, you need to play the game as best as you can. This means being attentive and seeing which ones are acting suspiciously. This means you should be attentive while doing your own tasks. See who is following whom and who doesn’t have a credible alibi.

Fake tasks perfectly – If you’re an impostor on the other hand, you need to think and act like a crewmate in order to fool the others. The best way to do this is by completing fake tasks perfectly especially when others are around you. But you also need to know when

Communicate – In this game, you need to communicate with your crewmates in order to find out who’s the impostor. But be careful as the impostor is also in here!

Price of Among Us and Where to Download

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Among Us is a special space game that allows you to play with your friends and family!